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Salatul Fatih Prayer of the Openercommonly known as Durood Fatih in the subcontinent and Sholawat Fatih in Far East Asia was transmitted by the eminent gnostic and scholar Abu al-Makarim Shaykh Muhammad Shams al-Din ibn Abi al-Hasan al-Bakri, a descendent of Abu Bakr al-Siddiq, from whom he inherited the station of supreme truthfulness al-Siddiqiyya and attained the loftiest reaches of mastery in the mystical divine sciences.

It is said to have been revealed by Allah to him upon a piece of paper. The prayer is recited by millions of Tijaniyya adherents across the world as part of their daily wird.

O Allah, send prayers upon our master Muhammad, the opener of what was closed, and the seal of what had preceded, the helper of the truth by the Truth, and the guide to Your straight path. May Allah send prayers upon his Family according to his greatness and magnificent rank.

salawat in arabic

Many shuyookh and gnostics have related the benefits of regularly reciting Salatul Fatih, of which there are many. The great gnostic Shaykh Ahmad al-Sawiwho was also a leading scholar at Al-Azhar mentioned the following in his commentary on the litany of Shaykh Ahmad al-Dardir —from whom he took the religious sciences and the spiritual path from:. Among its benefits is that whoever recites it just once in his lifetime will not enter the Hellfire ….

Some have said that a single recitation of this prayer is equal to 10, — and some say ,—other prayers. It is also said that whoever recites this prayer continuously for 40 days, Allah will accept his repentance for all his sins.

The recitation of this prayer should commence after offering 4 units of prayer, in which one recites Sura al-Qadr in the first unit, Sura al-Zalzala in the second, Sura al-Kafirun in the third, and the two Suras of seeking refuge Sura al-Falaq and Sura al-Nas in the fourth.

After reading this prayer one should burn some aloeswood scent Oudh. Try this if you wish. The benefits of Salatul Fatih were also mentioned by Sayyid Ahmad Dahlan in his compilation of prayers.

He said:. This prayer is ascribed to my master, the perfect pole and noble master of prophetic pedigree, Shaykh Abd al-Qadir al-Jilani. It is beneficial for beginners in the path as well as those in the middle and the end. Many of the gnostics have noted its secrets and marvels that perplex minds. Whosoever recites it consistently times each day will have several veils removed from him, and will receive lights and facilitation of needs to such an extent that only Allah knows.

One who recites it times every day and is steadfast upon itmany veils will be lifted from themthey will receive divine lights and their wishes will be fulfilled and their knowledge will remain solely with Allah.O my Allah send blessings on Muhammad and on the descendants of Muhammad, the evergreen tree outcome and end of the toil of Prophethood, the destination of the Divine messages, the academy where Angels came to learn and know, the depository of wisdom, the people of the House of "Wahi" the Divine Revelations.

O my Allah send blessings on Muhammad and on the descendants of Muhammad, an unsinkable sailing ship afloat over the fathomless deep waters of the seas; whosoever gets into it is saved and whosoever stays away is drowned; whosoever steps in front of them misses the aim and goes astray, whosoever lags behind wanders in wilderness.

Whosoever holds fast to them reaches the destination. O my Allah send blessings on Muhammad and on the descendants of Muhammad, a safe sanctuary, a relief for the worried uncared-for destitutes, a refuge for the fugitives running away from tyranny, an asylum for the banished and hunted, seeking shelter. O my Allah send blessings on Muhammad, and on the descendants of Muhammad, a great many blessings, a stimulation for inner joy and peace of mind to them, a fulfilment of the obligation unto Muhammad and the children of Muhammad, duly decreed as a duty by the authority and power Thou commands, O the Lord of the worlds.

O Allah send blessings on Muhammad and on the descendants of Muhammad, the good, the attested by Thy witness, the high-minded chosen in preference by Thee, whose right has been declared a must for all to accept, to obey them to love them has been made obligatory under Thy commands. O my Allah send blessings on Muhammad and on the descendants of Muhammad and cultivate in my mind and heart obedience unto Thee, do not let me put myself to shame by acts of disobedience, make me feel compassion and assist the unfortunate people who do not receive enough from Thee, with the provisions Thou has made available to me, more than I need, to justify that Thou rightly selected me as a channel and has kept me alive under Thy protective cover.

O Allah help us to model our conduct on his "way of life" and obtain the intercession he is entitled to put forward. O my Allah select him as my advocate to speak in favour of me, establish him for me a medium unto Thee, the sure and smooth approach; and make me follow in his footsteps till I stand before Thee on the Day of Judgement, Thou pleased with me, my mistakes overlooked, because Thou has found me worthy of Thy mercy and indulgence, and allowed me to take quarters in the eternal land of bliss and happiness in the neighbourhood of the select good.

This supplication has a very high rank and we can understand its importance from various angles. First of all, it is narrated in several of the main books of Ahadith. Some of them are the following:. The second indicator of the importance of this supplication is that Our Imams repeatedly recited this supplication. In the words of Sheikh Toosi. Skip to main content. The Importance of this Supplication This supplication has a very high rank and we can understand its importance from various angles.

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Login to Al-Islam. Already a member?In addition to the Quran verse 56 of the Qur'an 33many hadiths have stressed delivering this salutation. Muslims believe that salawat shows one's respect to the Prophet sand generates divine reward in the other world, as well as positive worldly results.

Besides, it has a lofty position in common Islamic culture of many countries, in which Muslims relate salawat on various occasions as an expression of happiness in festivals, or a blessed and auspicious start for their works.

Arabic philologists have mentioned that when used as salutation and greeting, the meaning of the word "salat" would vary according to who has used the word, and to whom it is used for:.

Unlike SunnisShi'as often attach the following phrase; "and his family", adducing many hadiths in Shi'a and Sunni sources, in which it is suggested that a complete salawat contains the following phrase. For instance it is narrated that the Prophet s said to a man who asked about salawat; "Say, 'O Allah, May you grant peace and honor on Muhammad and his family, so as You granted peace and honor on the dynasty of Ibrahim, verily You are the Laudable, the Glorious.

Some hadiths state that salawat is not complete without the "and his family" phrase. According to some hadiths, the prophets preceding his highness Muhammad s would utter salawat.

As stated in a hadith, salawat promoted Ibrahim a to higher spiritual degrees. In addition to stating that God and His angels send salawat upon the Prophet sthe Quran commands believers to do the same:. In relation to salawat, many divine and worldly rewards are mentioned in hadith sources, in many of which there are separate chapters in regard to salawat and its features and significance.

It is reported in al-Kafithe most reliable hadith source of Shi'athat:. In his book Wasa'il al-Shi'aal-Shaykh al-Hurr al-'Amili and also in the epilogue of this book called Mustadrak al-wasa'ilby Mirza Husayn al-Nuri has compiled several chapters titled as; the character of salawat, [13] saying salawat out loud, [14] and so forth. Also al-'Allama al-Majlisi has reported 67 hadiths in the chapter of "the merits of salawat upon the Prophet and his family", in his book Bihar al-anwarwhich is the greatest hadith source of Shi'a.

In the sixth chapter of the first volume of Kanz al-'ummalwhich is a Sunni hadith collection, hadiths are narrated in regard to salawat and its significance and virtues. Several hadiths are narrated from the Prophet s in which he said; 'perfect your salawat upon me with the salawat upon my dynasty.

A salawat upon me is incomplete but with a salutation upon my family. Also in some hadithsone who does not send salawat upon the family of the Prophet s is represented as distant from heaven and a violator of their right. Salawat is recommended in many occasions. As stated in a hadith, salawat is desirable in any occasion. Salawat is a compulsory dhikr in the prayersand every Muslim is obliged to utter salawat in the tashahud of his daily prayersand salute the Prophet s and his family with the special phrase.

salawat in arabic

According to reliable hadiths, deliberate abandonment of this salawat invalidates the prayer. Jump to: navigationsearch. Farahidi, al-Khalil b. Ahmad al. Qom: Hijrat, Hurr al-'Amili, Muhammad b.

Khalid Hussain

Wasa'il al-Shi'a. Ya'qub al- Al-Kafi. Beirut: Nuri, Husayn al. Mustadrak al-wasa'il al-shi'a. Saduq, Muhammad b. Babiwayh al- Man la yahduruh al-faqih.This kind of phrase is usually expressed by Muslims in their five daily prayers during the Tashahhud and also when the name of Muhammad had been mentioned.

Arabic philologists hold the view that the meaning of the word salawat would vary according to who has used the word, and to whom it is used for.

Send your blessings on him, and salute him a thorough salutation". According to various reports, [ citation needed ] the following Salawat are recommended by Muhammad:. Allah, sanctify Muhammad and the family of Muhammad, as you have sanctified Ibrahim and the family of Ibrahim. Truly, You are Praiseworthy and Glorious. Allah, bless Muhammad and the family of Muhammad, as you have blessed Ibrahim and the family of Ibrahim.

Muhammad was also reported to have said: "Do not invoke incomplete salawat upon me". His Sahabah asked him: "What is incomplete salawat? From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For other uses, see Salawat disambiguation. This article has multiple issues. Please help improve it or discuss these issues on the talk page.

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Jews Christians. Durood Naat Mawlid. A critical introduction to modern Arabic poetry. Cambridge University Press.The first phrase that frequently gets repeated in the beginning of each paragraph is Salawat, and in one paragraph it comes with detail. O you who believe! Send your Salawat on ask Allah to bless him and be totally obedient to him. The prophet has been awarded such a high status, that the Creator of the universe and all the angels who are responsible to manage the orders of Allah in the world send Salawat on him.

When the believers send Salawat on the Prophet and obey his commandsthey harmonize with the message of the universe. We must bear in mind that when we say Allah sends Salawat it means that He is sending blessings, but when creatures send Salawat it means, they ask for blessings. We have lots of Ahadith about the rewards of salawat. Some Islamic scholars have even written books about it and gathered different salawat that are narrated by Ahlul Bayt. They have even written poetries on Salawat to show their love for the Prophet and Ahlul Bayt such as following:.

In this book he has gathered various kind of Salawat that are narrated from Ahlul Bayt and also the Salawats that other scholars of Shia have invented. He also came up with some Salawat that he invented himself. The poem starts with:. O, lord I swear by the right of Mohammad the master, close to you, beloved to you, chosen by you and the last prophet.

Allame Tabarsi narrates with the chain of narration from Anas Ebn Malek from Abu Talhe, "I entered in the presence of the Prophet and saw him extremely happy and pleased like I have never seen him before. I told him: I have never seen you this happy before. And He is Ever Most Merciful to the believers. So, whoever does not like to send Salawat, he is the ignorant and arrogant. Alameh Bahrani narrates from Mohammad Ibn Moslem from Imam Baqir or Imam Sadiq with the chain of narration, there is nothing heavier than Salawat in the scale of actions.

Alameh Bahrani narrates from Safvan the owner of camels with the chain of narration from Imam Sadiq. The answer for this question comes from Ahadith. Truly you are the Praiseworthy and Magnanimity. O, Allah send your blessings to Mohammad and his households as you send your blessings to Abraham and his households.

Truly you are the Praiseworthy and Magnanimous. These Ahadith are narrated from the most reliable and famous books of Ahle Al-Sunnat. Moreover the Commander of the Faithful also narrated same hadiths. The Prophet replies to these Salawat and the answer comes from Quran.

The visiting of the grave of the Prophet and requesting from him in the eyes of Ignorant Wahhabis is a heretical mistake. This ideology contradicts what Quran has told us.

On the other hand, the daily prayers in all the Islamic sects have the Salam to Prophet Mohammad. Contrarily, in the Ahadith of the immaculate Imams, the truth of this life is revealed and they have pointed to the bilateral and emotional relationships. Look at this beautiful hadith to understand the depth of this relationship:. This angel will last until the end of time.

The angel will then convey the peace and greeting to Prophet Muhammad who will reply peace and greetings to him. Bahrani narrates from the chain of narration from the Jafar Ibn Muhammad, "whoever sends Salawat on Prophet and his households it means I am standing on the promise that I gave when Allah asked me, "Am I not your lord?

And I answered yes you are. Bahrani narrates with the chain of narration from Ibn Abu Hamzeh.O Allah, send a perfect prayer and complete greeting of peace upon our master Muhammad — the one by whom problems are solved, and anxieties are relieved, and needs are fulfilled, and aspirations are attained and good endings are received, and by whose noble face the clouds give rain — and upon his Family and Companions, with every glance and every breath, by the number of everything that is known to You.

In the book, the Shaykh quotes the famous Andalusian scholar Imam al-Qurtubi d. One who regularly recites this prayer every day, times or moreAllah will relieve him of his grief and sorrow, and will remove his problems and difficulties, ease his affairs, illuminate his inward, elevate his status, improve his state, increase his sustenance, and many more doors of virtue will be opened for him.

His words will become more effective as a leader, he will be protected from unfortunate events, and bad calamities such as starvation and poverty, and love for him will be placed in the hearts of other people—and there is nothing he asks of Allah except that Allah will give it to him.

These benefits will not be received unless the prayer is read regularly. This prayer is among the treasures of Allah and its recitation is a key these treasure troves.

salawat in arabic

Those servants of Allah who regularly recite this invocation will be granted an opening and through it, they will attain what is willed for them. Shaykh Muhammad al-Sanusi d. Shaykh al-Sanusi is reported to have said:. Whosoever is persistent in reciting the invocation 11 times each daythen it is as if it [the prayer] sends down provision from the heavens and causes it to sprout from the earth.

Whosoever reads this salutation 11 times after each [obligatory] prayer and adopts it as his regular litany will never have his provision cut off, and he will attain lofty degrees and a sanctuary of wealth. Whosoever reads it 41 times regularly after the Dawn Prayer each day will also obtain his wants. Whosoever reads it times regularly will attain what he seeks after and more than he desired. Whosoever reads it regularly each day times — the number of the Emissaries, upon whom be peace — for the unveiling of secrets, then he will behold everything that he wanted to see.

Whosoever reads it regularly times daily will receive what cannot be described by those gifted at description — what no eye has ever seen, what no ear has ever heard, and what has never occurred to the heart of man.

Salatul Fatih

Elsewhere in the book, it is described how the prayer is traditionally used in North Africa to obtain a want or to avert a calamity:. And among the tried and tested prayers is the Prayer of Relief al-Salat al-Tafrijiyya from al-Qurtubi. Those in the Maghreb call it the Fiery Prayer al-Salat al-Nariyyaand that is because when they wish to obtain something that is sought after or avert something undesirable, they come together in a single gathering and read this prayer 4, times and quickly obtain what they were seeking.

Note : If the prayer is recited in this way, the figure of 4, should be divided among a group of 7 or 11 regular reciters of this invocation. For example, if there are 11 people in the group, the participants would recite the prayer in unison with each person contributing to the total with salutations. At the end of the gathering, a supplication should be made to Allah asking Him to fulfil the need for which the prayer was carried out.

Shaykh Muhammad al-Nazili, who spent the majority of his life as a scholar living in Mecca, also describes how he received Ijaza permission to recite the prayer:. Makki, may Allah be pleased with them all. Salat al-Nariya is also referred to as Salat al-Taziyya due to its association with the great Shaykh and gnostic Abd al-Wahhab al-Tazi d. Facebook YouTube. Home Send Salawat Contact. Durood Nariya. Arabic font size A A. Add comment. Click to enlarge and save.Doing that which pleases You, and glory be to You.

Different people according to their job use different jargons. Politicians have their own jargons, as physicians do, as drivers do etc. The jargons of truck drivers are different from professors. Therefore, when people talk you can more or less depending on your skills in this field can tell which class of society do they belong to. Today, being the birthday anniversary of Imam Reda a. I would like to present to you a very fragrant flower from the garden of Imam Redai.

The Hadith is regarding the meaning of Salawat, something that we every day offer many times. However, many of us may not know enough if any about the significance of it. I quote the Hadith under the consideration from this book. Imam Reda a. Salam and Salawat on the Prophet is an established fact in the Quran. Muslims across the world from the time the above Aya has been revealed up to the Day of Great Judgment are bound to send their Salawat onto the Prophet of Islam.

Muslims five times a day when they call for Adhan and Eqama and even in their daily Prayers send their Salawat onto the Prophet of Islam. However, when he is absent and we are talking about him we may not bother about those titles. In Islamic Erfan the abpve expression is used firstly for Allah s. Muslim Gnostics believe they are and they should be always at the presence of Allah and the 14 infallible, and hence, they always mention those name with high respect.

I don't ever remember that Imam Khomeini r. Salawat on the Prophet and his pure progeny comes in this regards. The Virtues of Salawat: 1. A key to the grant of supplication: There are many Hadiths stating that in order to have your supplication granted start your supplication with Salawat and end it with Salawat.

Because, Salawat is an absolutely granted supplication and Allah swt is more merciful than to accept the beginning of your supplication and the end of itbut does not grant the one in the middle. Salawat is equal to Tasbih, Tahlil and Takbir.

During his rituals he could not remember any other supplication except Salawat. The Imam replied you had remembered the best supplication. Salawat ,a treatment to amnesia. It is practically proven that Salawat will treat the forgetfulness.

Daily Prayers is invalid without Salawat. All of the Maraje' agree that Salawat in Tashahod is compulsory and on the condition it is not mentioned intentionally then the Prayers is invalid. Also, Shafe' and Hanbali hold the same opinion for the second Tashahod.

salawat in arabic

Salawat in the universe: The entire universe is asking the blessings for the Prophet.

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