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If all you want to do is get rid of the dust in it, I would simply recommend blowing compressed air through the vent holes.

There could be issues with heat due to little, or bad thermal paste, this will show you how to get to it. The tools you'll need are a No. Something narrow with a sharp point, preferably strong enough to put a fair amount of force into. I used a hunting knife. A small screwdriver, or toothpick for applying new thermal paste, or reusing thermal paste.

Did you use this instructable in your classroom? Add a Teacher Note to share how you incorporated it into your lesson. The first step in dissasembling you power brick is to remove the rubber feet on the bottom. These will pop out fairly easily, and can probably be taken out with your fingers. I don't think I 'Need' to say this, but make sure the power brick is Unplugged before servicing it.

Once the rubber feet are removed you will see a small plastic insert where each foot came out of. I ruined my first one by trying to use the good ol' dental pick, but I found that this hunting knife worked far better, and kept them in a reusable state. After you get the inserts out, there are four screws which need to be removed.

Get your trusty Phillips ready for action. After you get the screws out, with the power supply still laying bottom up, pull on the bottom half of the plastic shell. It should come up with little effort.

xbox 360 power connector

The next thing you need to do is look for a single screw hidden down between the light and the output cord. This screw secures the heatsink to the PSU. Remove it. There is also a very small, two wired connector for the PSU fan, you'll want to remove it as well so you don't tear it off.

It may take some effort due to the thermal paste holding the heatsink on.Like so many people, my Xbox suddenly died. Unfortunately, it uses a proprietary connector, making it hard to reuse. To avoid putting it in the garbage with the console, I reverse engineered the connector and built a custom enclosure to reuse it as a dual voltage benchtop power supply.

The Xbox power supply provides two voltage rail : 5V and 12V. Most of the available power is on the 12V rail. As mentioned, the power supply uses a proprietary connector as shown below. The connector consists of two barrel connectors. In each one, there are two ring connections and one pin connector. In the cable sleeve, there are two yellow wire, two black wires, one grey wire, one blue wire and one red wire.

Using a multimeter, I was able to match each plug connection to each wire as displayed in the image and table below.

By default, only the 5V rail is enabled. When this wire is enabled, the LED on the power supply turns green. To be on the safe side and reduce the current draw on the enable line, I used a 1K pull-up resistor as shown on the circuit below.

To reuse the power supply in my home lab, I decided to build a custom enclosure to expose the two Xbox power supply voltage rails to two pairs of binding posts. The following video shows the process of building this enclosure.

The first step is drilling and cutting the holes for the connectors. There are 2 double binding posts for the output and a Molex Micro-Fit connector for the input. The holes for the binding posts were drilled with a hand drill.

The hole for the Molex connector was cut using a rotary tool with a drilling bit. The resulting holes are displayed below. Skip to content. Power supply reverse engineering The Xbox power supply provides two voltage rail : 5V and 12V. Xbox Slim power supply connector The connector consists of two barrel connectors. Previous Previous post: Weekend project : Window exhaust fan. Next Next post: Battery powered window fan prototype.Did you use this instructable in your classroom?

Add a Teacher Note to share how you incorporated it into your lesson. Item 2 Yellow and Black wire that is thicker than most signal wire. I used some 16 gauge wire that i had sitting around. You can probably score some 20 gauge yellow and black wire from any blown ATX power supply or you could buy some from Princess Auto.

Item 3 Small heat shrink tubing for the switch connections which you can also get at Princess Auto. Item 4 is a switch, if you don't have a spare slider switch in one of your parts drawers or on an old toy that can be salvaged you can always check out Radio Source aka The Source by Circuit City, or Radio Shack in the US.

Xbox 360 Slim Power Supply Fix / Repair

Why not rob the power connector from it and use it for something useful! Or you could always try repairing it well not permanently in most casesmy friend and I found that after repairing many xbox's the method that lasted the longest was the simplest. And no it wasn't the towel trick!!!! If it is unrepairable like mine notice the GPU is missing If you don't know how to get the open check this vid out.

If you don't want to hurt a XBOX mobo, you could always salvage a female connector off an Intercooler which are going for less than 10 bucks on ebay these days. Unpackage your triple socket adapter, and use your safe package opener The all red plastic tool in the Tool List pic on the classic plastic prison, cause they never get used otherwise. Flip over your adapter and take out the two Phillips screws holding the enclosure together. Now pop the top off to explore the inside. Set the screws aside in a safe place because we will need them later.

Also disconnect the LED lead with the white sleeve on it so it makes things easier in the next step. After the connections have been desoldered lift the 12V connection plate away from the enclosure to free the wiring and carefully place it back into it's slot once the wiring has been liberated.

Speaking of liberation, it is now time to separate the power connector from the mobo. You can also add leaded solder to the solder joints to get better flow. There are a few different methods to detach this connector, here are some suggestions: -Use desoldering braid to wick up all the solder -Use a Solder-sucker to suck up the solder -Flood all the connections with solder and use a pick or screwdriver to pry the connector off while heating the connection It all depends on what you have available to you and what you feel comfortable doing, and remember to wear safety glasses you don't want molten solder in the eye.

I tracked down this information from: Llamma. Under the Note: it states that "Pin 7 Turns Pins 4, 5, 6 on when it is tied to ground" but this is incorrect. Power is enabled when 3. You will know want to figure out where your power connector will be mounted.

This will allow you enough space to run the wiring in a later Step. At this time you could always use your side cutters to trim the extra protruding metal bits on the outer part of the power connector as they may get in the way or snag on something in the future. While you still have your power connector position where you want it use a pencil or something sharp to trace out where you will be cutting the hole to fit your wiring through.This is simple and it only requires a few parts.

So I tracked down the wire Identification and I made one into a 12v Power supply. Lets Cut the X-Box connector! Did you use this instructable in your classroom? Add a Teacher Note to share how you incorporated it into your lesson. You will need a few basic things for this project Heatshrink 3.

Xbox power supply connector (internal) pinout

A small length of Red and Black with able to withstand 12 to 16 amps. Two 15A alligator clamps 5. Solder The tools you will need Soldering iron or station 2.

Wire cutters 3. Wire strippers 4. Something to shrink heatshrink My mini blowtorch 5. Crimp tool. Strip the main insulation taking care not to cut the cores' insulation. After that, You will come across 8 wires.

Strip the red and blue wires and twist them together. After that, Solder them together. Then move on to the next step. Strip all the yellow wires and twist them together. Tin the conductor after that with solder. Now take on end of the thick red bit of the cable and put some heatshrink over it After that, solder them together like in the picture and melt the heatshrink over the newly soldered joint Next stepHere at Walmart.

Disassembling and Cleaning Xbox-360 Power Supply ( Brick )

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xbox 360 power connector

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Product Title playtech 2 prong ac power cord xbox Email address. Please enter a valid email address. Mobile apps. Walmart Services.As a device that straddled the transition between the standard definition and high definition generation of video games, there are plenty of ways to setup an Xbox console. When the Xbox console was first released inhigh definition television was on the horizon, but certainly not the standard in the home of average consumers. Over the lifespan of the console however, HD technology became much more affordable.

The Xbox is also compatible with digital optical audio cables, which may be used under some circumstances for an improved experience depending on your audio setup. The Xbox console went through a number of revisions throughout its lifespan, including significant changes to its power supply. This means that not every Xbox power supply is compatible with every Xbox console model.

xbox 360 power connector

Luckily replacement power supplies can be purchased for every variation of the Xbox console. Replacing the specific model of Xbox power supply you require may be easy enough, but some consumers may already have an Xbox power supply available that is the wrong model for the console they are trying to power.

In this case it may not be necessary to purchase an entirely new power supply however. There are also a number of Xbox power converters on the market. These power converters connect to one model of Xbox power supply to create compatibility with another, such as making an original Xbox power supply compatible with an Xbox Slim console.

The standard Xbox controller operates on two AA batteries?

xbox 360 power connector

Rechargeable battery packs make an excellent solution for this issue however, providing endless play without having to keep a supply of disposable AA?

Some rechargeable battery packs come complete with a docking station, where battery pack-powered Xbox controllers can be plugged into a cradle to charge when not in use. These stations are also capable of charging two controllers simultaneously. This not only ensures your controllers are fully charged each time you are ready to play, it also reduces the clutter from extra wires and keeps your gaming area neat and organized. Other rechargeable battery packs work in tandem with Xbox controller charging cables.

The upside to a charging cable is that you can use the controller even as it charges, provided that your Xbox console is close enough for the cable to reach comfortably.

Many charging cables are designed with this feature in mind and come in lengths of 6 feet or longer. Categories Xbox Controllers Xbox Skins, Cases and Faceplates Xbox Cables and Power Xbox Hard Drives and Memory 1. Xbox Headsets 3. Xbox Miscellaneous Current Offers. On Sale 4. On Clearance 1. Best Buy Exclusive 1. Online Only All Discounted Items 4. Whats New Nintendo Wii System.

New Super Mario Bros. Wii Nintendo Wii. Wireless Remote Controller Wii. Wii Sports Resort Wii. Mario Kart Wii. Playstation 3 Slim System. Wii Sports Nintendo Wii. Manufacturer Name: Neewer.

Condition: new. Add To Cart. Trade In. Add To Wishlist. This is for use with the older model XBox Systems. Your XBOX is pretty worthless without this power supply. This replacement part will work for any model of the XBOX The best option to replace your lost or malfunctioning Xbox power brick power brick to console connection only - power brick to AC wall outlet cable not included.

Unit features an internal cooling fan which in turn keeps your Xbox cooler during operation. Three LED status lights to alert you - orange for stand-by mode, red for a malfunction alert, and green for OK. Features a 21" long, UL approved volt polarized cable. Just plug and play! Customers who bought this item also bought. TMNT Xbox Madagascar Gamecube. Game Boy Micro. Xbox Wireless Network Adapter.

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